Human Resources

The Human Resources Office

The county human resources office is responsible for coordinating the recruitment and selection of the new employees, to develop and maintain employee benefits, to coordinate and disseminate applicable laws and policies to Department Managers and employees.  The office also performs job audits, wage/salary studies and maintains the County’s compensation program and personnel files.

Hubbard County offers its employees, via payroll deductions, a choice of five health plans, three deferred compensation plans, life insurance, a dental plan, long and short term disability, critical illness and accident insurance.  Those offerings, except deferred comp, are available through a cafeteria plan, whereby the County provides a contribution for the employee to purchase those benefits they deem appropriate.  Employees also belong to the state retirement system called the Public Employee Retirement Association of Minnesota (PERA).  Both the employee and the County contribute to PERA on each of the bi-weekly payrolls.