Property Taxes

Tax statements are sent to the recorded owner as of March of each year.
No further statements are sent.
The payment of taxes is not affected by the failure to receive the tax statement.

Taxpayers are reminded to submit tax statement stubs with payments to insure that payments are applied correctly.  If stubs are not available, make sure to submit all property id numbers being paid.

Notice:  If you pay the first half of your taxes and your escrow company also pays the first half of your taxes, we do not refund either half to you or the escrow company.  Your taxes will be considered paid in full and any additional payments will be returned to the sender.  If this was not your desired result, you will need to work with your escrow company - not the county.

Pay your taxes online! 

You can also pay over the phone:
Jurisdiction Code: 3335
You will need to know your Property ID number when you call.

Property Tax Frequently Asked Questions