Serving Time at HCDC

Once sentenced you are required to report to the jail prior to any court mandated report date and time to set up your report date.  HCDC report times are 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM Tuesday - Sunday.  The HCDC will determine what day and time you are to report.


If granted Huber/Work Release privileges by the court you must also meet criteria determined by the HCDC.  You must pay for and be able to provide a clean urine test.  Any past fees owed the HCDC must be paid in full in order to participate in the work release program.  Depending on your criminal history, your current offense, and your occupation, you may be subject to and be required to pay for GPS monitoring.  This is a separate fee paid directly to the GPS monitoring vendor.

Huber fees are $25 per day and need to be paid 2 weeks in advance or Huber release will be denied.

Sentenced to Serve

The Sentenced to Service program allows sentenced inmates to perform work in the community in exchange for fines that they have been assessed by the court.  Work is done for Hubbard County, the State of Minnesota, and non-profit organizations.  Crews work on disaster relief efforts, veteran's memorials, public lake accesses, county, state, and city parks, and other non-profit projects.  The projects benefit the community and the detainees learn job skills that can help them gain employment after their release and become productive members of the community.

If granted STS work privileges by the court you must also meet criteria determined by the HCDC before being allowed to work on the crew.  You must pay for and be able to provide a clean urine test.


Minnesota Statutes 641.12 and 641.15 allow county jails to collect room, board, and other related correctional expenses for offenders who have been convicted of a crime and confined in a county jail.  Effective 2/21/17  it is the policy of the Hubbard County Sheriff's Office to impose the following fees and processes as approved by the Hubard County Board of Commissioners:

1.  The Hubbard County Jail will charge $15 per day to all convicted inmates that are housed in the jail.  An inmate who is convicted of a crime and given credit for any time served in detention against the sentence shall be assessed the per diem fee for any day that jail credit is granted.

2.  The Hubbard County Jail will bill and attempt to collect for any and all medical and dental expenses incurred on behalf of the inmate that is not paid by insurance or a third party.  Medical attention will not be denied because of the lack of ability to pay.

3.  All work release (Huber) inmates will be assessed a daily fee of $25.00.  This fee is in lieu of and not in addition to the fee imposed in paragraph one of this policy.

4.  Any unpaid balance owed to Hubbard County at the time of release will be invoiced and a copy provided to the inmate upon release.  After 30 days any remaining unpaid balance will be processed for collection by any reasonable means, including Revenue Recapture, a private collection agency and/or suit.