Inmate Correspondence

Send all correspondence addressed to:
Inmate Name
Hubbard County Detention Center
301 Court Ave
Park Rapids MN 56470

You must include Hubbard County Detention Center in the address or your correspondence may be routed incorrectly.

For safety and security purposes, all incoming mail will be scanned and then delivered electronically to inmates. Send only letters that can be fed through a regular printer/scanner. Cards will not be scanned and will be placed in the inmate’s property.

All incoming mail will be searched for contraband, money, etc.  All money orders, certified cashier's checks, and cash will be added to the inmate's account or property.  Third party and personal checks will NOT be accepted and will be placed in the inmate's property.

Incoming mail addressed to inmates that are not in custody will be returned to sender.

Incoming mail that appears to be a safety or sanitation hazard will not be scanned and will be placed in the receiving inmates property.  Safety and sanitation hazards include but are not limited to stickers, perfume, lipstick, oily stains, food/drink stains, discoloration or anything else that cannot be identified.

The HCDC will not accept packages, newspapers, or magazines sent to inmates.  We will also not accept any mail with magazine articles, photocopies, blank paper, envelopes, stamps, obscene or gang related material inside.  Any of the above items sent to an inmate will be returned to sender or placed in the inmate's property.

Books may be sent to inmates if they are new, soft cover (no hardcover books accepted) and come directly from  Books received from Amazon .com partners or affiliates will not be accepted.  Books sent to inmates become the property of the HCDC.

Photo are accepted as long as they are appropriate, are not Polaroid, and do not have gang signs of any kind. Photos will be scanned and delivered to the inmate electronically.

All outgoing and incoming mail with drawings, symbols and/or other material (other than the address and return address) on the outside of the envelope will not be delivered and will be placed in the inmates property.

Inmates are allowed to purchase and send out an unlimited amount of letters to correspond with you.  These can be purchased through our vending services if they have money on their account.  If an inmate is indigent they may receive two post cards per week for correspondence.

Inmate Message Line

Hubbard County Detention Center staff WILL NOT relay messages to inmates.  If you'd like to leave a message for an inmate, call the Inmate Message Line at 218-366-0199.  You will be given instructions on how to leave a message.  The Inmate Message Line is not confidential.

Inmate Phone Calls

Inmates have access to phones located in housing unit day rooms.  In order to receive a phone call from an inmate your phone must be able to accept collect phone calls (most cell phones do not).  You may set up a pre-paid account to receive collect calls by calling Reliance Telephone at:


You can also buy phone cards online for inmates at:

If you purchase phone cards online for an inmate it is your responsibility to get the phone card PIN number to the inmate in a private and secure manner.  HCDC staff WILL NOT relay phone card PIN numbers to inmates.  Do not leave the PIN number on the inmate voice mail system.

Phone cards purchased through Reliance Telephone can be used to call cell phones.

All calls to and from the HCDC are recorded and monitored .

Now available:

Buy books, puzzles, magazines and board games for inmates.

100 percent of all donations to the Inmate Jail Programs fund are spent on books, magazines, puzzles and board games for the use of our inmates.

If you'd like to donate using a credit or debit card go to and set up an account.

1.  Once you have done this, log in and select Minnesota and Hubbard County in the drop down menus.  Then type Jail Programs into the Inmate Last Name field and click "Search".

2.  Click the "Select" button next to Jail Programs Hubbard County.

3.  With Hubbard Jail Programs selected click "Deposit Funds to an Inmate" button.

4.  Follow prompts to donate your chosen amount.

Please note that there is a service fee charged by for all credit card donations processed through this service.  This fee is not charged by Hubbard County.

If you want to avoid paying the service fee, you can also donate money to the Inmate Programs Fund by visiting the Hubbard County Detention Center and depositing cash directly into the fund through the kiosk in the front lobby.  Instructions are posted near the kiosk.

Please note that the Inmate Programs Fund is not a charitable organization and as such, these donations are not tax deductible.