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Construction on the Hubbard County Detention Center (HCDC) started in September of 2004 and was opened in May of 2006. The HCDC has 116 beds and is currently staffed to hold up to 60 inmates.

The HCDC holds adult male and female pretrial and sentenced inmates for Hubbard County. The HCDC can house juvenile offenders for up to 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). The HCDC also generates revenue by housing inmates for other counties, reducing the overall cost of law enforcement for the county and its residents.

For medium and maximum custody inmates the HCDC uses the Direct Supervision detention model for inmate supervision. The model provides for continuous supervision by a Corrections Officer (CO) using a system of rewards and consequences. The CO works within the housing unit and is in direct contact with inmates throughout the day.

Direct Supervision is a philosophy of behavior management supported by physical surroundings. Direct Supervision has gained rapid acceptance in the past 30 years across the nation. Detention facilities that employ "Direct Supervision" have drastically lower rates of assaults, extortion and lawsuits than traditional inmate management systems. In addition, "Direct Supervision" allows for less expensive construction of facilities due to improved behavior of detainees.

For minimum custody and Work Release inmates, the HCDC uses a podular remote model for inmate supervision. Housing units using this model are observable at all times from a glass enclosed master control room. CO’s also supervise podular remote housing units by conducting well being checks multiple times per hour.

The Hubbard County Communications Center is responsible for all emergency and non-emergency requests for police, fire and ambulance services within Hubbard County. For non-emergency assistance from the communications staff, call (218) 732-3331. The Sheriff’s Office provides a toll-free number (1-888-732-3332) for areas of the county which require a long distance call to the office.

The HCDC also provides secure transports for criminal offenders and for those persons committed to state/private institutions by the Court.

If you have any questions or concerns you can email the Hubbard County Detention center here.


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