A PDF of these questions can be found here.

I need my property surveyed. How much will it cost?

Why do surveys cost as much as they do?

Can I get a survey drawing of my property from the city or county?

Is the city or county responsible for providing survey markers at the corners of my lot?

What do survey markers look like?

I have found a survey marker with a number on it. How do I locate the surveyor?

How do I find a surveyor and get a quote for having my property surveyed?

Will I be given an estimate for the cost of a survey, or a fixed price?

Will I receive a drawing of my property after the survey is completed?

I have just had my property surveyed. How can I protect my investment in the survey?

Contractors working next door dug up one of my survey markers. Later, they put it back. Is this OK?

My neighbor has had her property surveyed. I don't think the property line is in the right place. What can I do?

Both my neighbor and I have had our properties surveyed. The two surveyors don't agree on where the property line is. Why does this happen, and what can be done about it?

My property has just been surveyed. The neighbors' fence is partly on my property. What should I do?

What is a legal description, and how is it used?

How do I find out the legal description of my property?

What is an easement, and how is it used?

I would like to divide my land and sell part of it. How do I proceed?

What can I do if I believe a surveyor has done something unethical?