Disposal Fees

Disposal Fees

Are you a resident or business in Hubbard County?

Residents and businesses in Hubbard County are charged an annual solid waste assessment fee to help fund the services provided by the county.  

As a resident  almost all of your waste can be taken to either transfer station at no additional charge.  A few items are not covered by the fee such as, certain types of tires, mobile homes and boats.  To dispose of waste that is not covered by solid waste assessment you will be charged a tip fee.

Businesses are required to pay a tip fee on several items for more information see the link at the bottom of the page.  

Are you a resident or business that is not in Hubbard County?
To dispose of any waste at either of the Hubbard County transfer stations you will be charged a tip fee.  

If you plan on disposing of waste throughout the year please purchase an out-of-county permit.  An out-of-county permit can be purchased at either of the transfer stations or Solid Waste Office at 812 Henrietta Ave S, Park Rapids, MN.

Click here for the full list of tip fees.