Commercial Recycling & Organics

Commercial Recycling

If your business is interested in starting a recycling program Hubbard County can help.  

Why should your business recycle?

There is substantial cost savings associated with a business recycling program.  The cost savings came from a reduced annual waste assessment fee.  Additionally, if you are getting your trash hauled you can save money by having your trash hauled less frequently or by reducing the size of your dumpster. 

How can I get started recycling? 

Contact the Hubbard County Solid Waste Department by calling 218-732-1468 or emailing   Hubbard County will help by providing bins and education.  Once your recycling system is set up you will be able to see substantial savings. 


In addition to providing bins and education Hubbard County will pick up your recycling and haul it away for no charge. 

What can be recycled by the county?

  • Aluminum cans
  • Steel & tin cans
  • Glass
  • Magazines, newspapers, & phonebooks
  • Junk mail & office paper
  • Cardboard
  • #1 & #2 Plastic

Commercial Organics Program

Our organics program is completely free for any Hubbard County business to use.  However, registration is required.  Business owners can register online, by email, by phone or in person.  One option is to fill out our online business registration form to become a part of our organics program.  You can email, or call 218-237-1460.  If you would like to register in person you can come to either the south transfer station or the public works building.  

If you plan on collecting organics at your business you will be in charge of hauling the food waste and food-soiled paper to the south transfer station.  There are currently no licensed haulers collecting organics.