Snowplowing Policy

Hubbard County Snowplowing Policy
Snow and ice operations will begin after any appreciable accumulation and will continue throughout the storm based on adequate visibility and obtaining reasonable results. Starting times should be scheduled to provide service during the more significant travel times (8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays). Reduced levels of service may be appropriate on weekends and holidays based on traffic volumes and roadway conditions, keeping in mind the traveling public's safety at all times.

Primary Roads                       Bituminous Surface                      approximately 318 miles
Secondary Roads                 Gravel Surface                                 approximately 205 miles

Primary roads will be plowed as soon as possible after accumulation of 1" or more and secondary roads after accumulation of 4" or more. The goal is to allow no more than 3" of snow accumulation on primary roads and 6" of accumulation on secondary roads before plowing operations begin. This would generally apply to heavy snow conditions. This level of service will continue until the storm subsides and clean-up operations begin.

During a winter storm or blizzard conditions, consideration will be given to visibility, extended forecast and temperature that would make operations not cost effective and hazardous to our personnel or the traveling public. Emergencies will be responded to at any time as quickly as possible.

Every consideration will be given to provide the motorist the best possible travel conditions in every situation based on our best judgment due to the weather forecast.

Temperature is a major component in our decision-making process to determine our ability to remove compacted snow and ice during colder temperatures. When temperatures are warmer, our decisions on compacted snow are to remove it before it becomes a problem.

The decisions made by this department will provide the public with the best possible service based on available funding, manpower, and operable equipment.

Sanding Operations
Sanding will take place in the following instances:

On Compacted Snow: 
On Primary roads on curves, hills, and stop intersections.

On Ice (Freezing Rain)
On Primary roads on curves, hills, and stop intersections.

On Bare Pavement
At the discretion of the Highway Department, when it is prudent and reasonable, or by the direction of the County Board.

On Secondary Roads
At stop intersections only in extreme emergencies.

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