The Treasurers office issues County liquor licenses through the MN Alcohol & Gambling Enforcement.

License dates run from January 1st through December 31st.

Establishments outside the city limits make application with Hubbard County.
Establishments within the city limits make application to the city they are located.

 Liquor Licenses:  
 On-sale  $1,500.00
 Off-sale         500.00
 On/Off-sale including Sunday     2,100.00
 Sunday         100.00
 2 A.M.        Varies
 Wine         200.00
 Temporary 1-4 Day            25.00
 3.2% Beer         120.00
 Seasonal On-sale         850.00
 Consumption & Display (Set-up) to Hubbard County         150.00
 Consumption & Display (Set-up) to Liquor Control         250.00