Coming Soon:
2025 Notices of Valuation and Classification
(mailed w/ 2024 tax statements)
Local Boards of Appeal & Equalization Meeting Schedule 

Have you applied for the Minnesota Property Tax Refund?

Minnesota offers a property tax refund to homestead property owners through the MN Department of Revenue. There are 2 ways to qualify - the first is by income, the second "special" refund is for properties whose taxes increased 12% or more from the prior year (not due to new improvements/construction). 

Your tax preparer or income tax software may already do this for you. You can also apply online (temporarily down for 2024 updates) or use the worksheet to see if you qualify.

                                                                              Annual Assessment Calendar

January 2nd - Assessment Date (values and classifications are effective as of this date)

End of March/beginning of April
- Notices of Valuation & Classification for the 2024 assessment/2025 taxes are mailed (w/ current year tax statements)

April 1st through May 31st
- Per MN Statute, appeals meetings are held to allow property owners the opportunity to appeal the 2024 assessment. See your Notice of Valuation & Classification for your property's specific meeting date/time. The meeting format depends on the  township/city your property is located in - either a Local Board of Appeal & Equalization ("LBAE") or Open Book meeting.

- County Board of Appeal & Equalization ("CBAE") meeting. The CBAE hears appeals brought forward from the LBAE or Open Book meetings. No further appeals/changes may be made after. The only remaining option to appeal is MN Tax Court.

After the CBAE
, the State Board of Appeal & Equalization meets to conduct a final review of all jurisdictions' assessments. The State Board has the authority to make blanket changes to counties and specific jurisdictions within counties to ensure compliance.

- Auditor/Treasurer calculates and mails proposed pay-2025 tax notices to property owners. Certified tax statements are mailed by the end of the following March (the year the taxes are payable).