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    The Minnesota Department of Corrections field office in Park Rapids is responsible for supervising those offenders who have been placed on probation through the Hubbard County District Court and Hubbard County Juvenile Court. Offenders (both Juvenile and Adult) can be placed on probation for Misdemeanor, Gross Misdemeanor, or Felony violations of the law. Terms of probation can last anywhere from one year to 30 years.

    State Probation / Parole Agent Pamela A. Kaseman has been in the Park Rapids office since February of 1998. Agent Kaseman handles the supervision of Juvenile offenders.

    Juvenile offenders can range in age from 10 to 19. The role of Juvenile Court is somewhat different than District Court. The primary objective of District Court is to hand down sentences to those adult offenders who either plead guilty, or who are found to be guilty. Sentences are punitive in nature with the hope that punitive measures will deter future criminal activity. The primary objective of the Juvenile Court is to assist youth in making changes in their lives so that deviant behavior does not continue into adulthood. However, Juvenile Court can be punitive if the crimes are serious, or if a child shows a continuing pattern of disregard for the Courtís directives.

    State Probation / Parole Agent Joe Peterson has been in the Park Rapids office since August of 1997. Agent Peterson handles the supervision of Adult offenders who have been placed on probation, or are on parole through the Department of Corrections.

    "The primary purpose of community supervision is public protection, offender accountability, and victim restoration. In pursuing these aims, probation depends on skills used to anticipate behavior, counseling, and surveillance. It allows the system to individualize justice by permitting offenders to serve their sentence in the community rather than in correctional facilities. The most intensive form of community supervision costs about $16.00 per day compared to $70.00 or $80.00 per day to incarcerate an offender in prison."


Joe Peterson

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