Hubbard County to Complete a Comprehensive County Recreation Plan

The Hubbard County Board of Commissioners, with strong support of the local community, recently approved a proposal from WSB Engineering of Minneapolis to complete a comprehensive recreation plan for Hubbard County.  WSB will work to identify and evaluate our existing parks, trails, and recreational areas to determine existing amenities and recreational draws, along with potential opportunities for future expansion or modifications that may enhance the recreational opportunities.  They will also look at recent trends in tourism and recreation, and through public engagement, help to identify local recreational deficiencies and determine opportunities to address the needs of area residents, seasonal residents, and our guests.  Three "Open House" meetings and a social media campaign will be used to gather public input to help shape the future of recreation for Hubbard County.  The final plan will include planning strategies, approaches and methods that can be used to meet project goals and identify potential funding mechanisms.

Here is a link to an interactive map that allows you to provide input into the recreational activities that matter to you: