Licensing Types


Child Care Licensing

The Child Care licensing program provides assistance to Hubbard County residents 18 years of age and older wishing to become licensed to provide child care in their home. The licensing process includes fire and safety inspections of the home, a criminal background study, the discussion of State licensing guidelines and the understanding of MN Statute Rule 2 9502. For more information, contact Hubbard County Social Services licensing worker Leeza Branstrom at 218-732-2406.

Variance Policy
Variance Request
Notice for Parents
Weekly Attendance Schedule

Child Foster Care Licensing

Foster parents provide a stqable and loving home for children who are in need of temporary care. The licensing social worker assists the prospective foster parents by coodinating the licensing process, which includes a creimnal background study, home safety and fire checks, and letters of reference.

Adult Foster Care Licensing

Hubbard County Social Services assists clients who wish to provide Foster Care services to adults in the community.  A licensing social worker provides coordination services to prospective Foster Caregivers. The licensing process includes a criminal background study, home safety and fire checks, and letters of reference.

Adoption Services

Hubbard County Social Services  provides adoptive placement services to children who are in need of adoptive homes through the use of the State Adoption Exchange.