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Board of Commissioners



The Mission of the Hubbard County Commissioners is as follows:

Carry out the lawful responsibilities delegated by the state legislature; protect county assets and provide high quality, cost effective, public services in a friendly and respectful manner through innovation, leadership and cooperation.


Committee Assignments

Hubbard County is fortunate to have interested citizens that are willing to commit their time and talents to serve on county committees!  If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact your commissioner representative or the Coordinatorís Office.  The County will maintain a list of interested parties for consideration in the event there is an additional need or a vacancy to fill. 

Thank you!

2017 Chairman - Vern Massie
2017 Vice Chairman - Cal Johannsen

    Your Board of Commissioners is composed of five members elected to serve over-lapping terms.  The election of Board members takes place on the first Tuesday in November of even numbered years and all members are elected by district. New Board members take office on the first Tuesday in January in the year following their election.

    The County Coordinator serves as the recording clerk to the Board and prepares the agendas for consideration.

Board Meetings

    The Hubbard County Board of Commissioners meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month throughout the year. The initial meeting of the year which is set by MN Statute is on the first Tuesday in January.  All meetings will be held in the Board Room on the third floor (Rm 324) of the Courthouse, 301 Court Avenue, Park Rapids, MN. There is always the possibility of a scheduling conflict, necessitating a change of meeting date or location. Although rare, when it is necessary, the public will be informed through the local news media whenever possible.

Board Actions

    The Board of Commissioners must have a quorum, or three members present, before it can take official action. All Board actions must be approved by a majority of three or more of the members present.

    The Board has complete and final control over County matters subject only to the limitations imposed by state law, and of course, the will of the County residents.

Public Participation at Board Meetings

    Meetings of the Board of Commissioners will follow a standard agenda. Items not placed on the agenda may be considered at the meeting upon agreement of the members of the Board present. To place an item on the agenda, the following procedures should be used.

    The applicant should file a written request with the Coordinatorís Office at least 8 days prior to the scheduled meeting. The request should include the name, address and telephone number of the person(s) making the request, a statement describing the action the applicant(s) requests the Board to take, and the background information outlining the reasons for the request.

    The Board of Commissioners desires public participation at its meetings, but also has the responsibility for conducting its business in an orderly fashion. The Chairman will provide the audience with an opportunity to amend the agenda at the beginning of each meeting.

    Members of the audience are encouraged to be heard prior to Board discussion of the agenda item. Participants will be allowed 3 minutes for their presentation unless the time limit is waived by a Board majority. When there are a large number of speakers to be heard, the Board may shorten this time.

    Interruption or other interference with the orderly conduct of the Board of Commissioners cannot be allowed. Defamatory or abusive remarks are always out of order. The presiding officer (Chairman) may terminate the speakerís privilege of address if, after being called to order, they persist in improper conduct or remarks.

    At a public meeting of the Board, no person shall orally initiate charges or complaints against individual employees of the County (due to laws governing data practices) or debate any subjects under jurisdiction of the Courts. All such charges, if presented to the Board directly, shall be referred to the County Coordinatorís Office for investigation and report.

    No action will be taken on any item not considered a part of the agenda on the same day it is presented unless action is considered necessary by a majority of the Board.

   Business at certain periods during the year sometimes makes it necessary to recess a meeting to a future date. There are also instances when a special meeting must be called to consider certain specified actions. In both cases the public will be informed of such meetings through the same media.

   All meetings of the full Board (regular, special, emergency and continued) are open to the public. In fact, the public is urged to attend.



Vern Massie

District 1
Vern Massie

20672 169th Avenue

Park Rapids, MN 56470

Charlene Christenson

District 2
Charlene Christenson

26390 Island Air Drive
Park Rapids, MN 56470


Ed Smith

District 3
Ed Smith

10099 130th St
Park Rapids, MN 56470

District 4
Daniel J. Stacey

22690 Goose Drive
Akeley, MN 56433

District 5
Cal Johannsen

38179 US 71
Lake George, MN 56458

(home) 218-699-3344
(cell) 218-252-3344


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