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Auditor's Office


 In January 2003 the auditorís position became appointed in Hubbard County and in January 2004, the auditor and treasurer departments were combined into one department.

The duties and responsibilities of the office remain the same and are now accountable under one manager.

The auditorís department is responsible for property tax administration, financial records, budgeting, payroll, accounts payable and receivable. The department also serves as the chief election official for the county, conducting all county and state elections including the responsibility of voter registration. The auditorís department is responsible for the preparation and publication of the County Financial Statement.

The auditorís department is responsible for documenting all land transfers for name and address maintenance, splits and combines of properties and also handles all the delinquent taxes, prepares and publishes the Delinquent Tax List in the official newspaper. The department also manages many of the forfeited land responsibilities such as forfeitures, repurchases and confession of judgments.

The auditor is a member of the County Board of Equalization by statute.



Pam Heeren
Auditor - Treasurer


Sandy Rittgers
Chief Deputy Auditor

Sue Wothe
Deputy Auditor

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