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Northern Substation
Farden Township


   The Patrol Division consists of an Investigator, Deputy Sheriffs, and a Narcotics Officer. It operates 24 hours per day responding to accidents, answering calls, providing preventative patrol and assisting municipalities as requested. These officers are supervised by the Sheriff, Chief Deputy and Sergeant. We have officers who have received specialized training in areas such as Drug Prevention, Cops in Schools, Boat and Water Safety, Snowmobile Safety, Narcotics, Civil Process, Community Policing, K-9, and Cornerhouse Training (child protection).

    The Sheriff’s Office has implemented the community-policing concept of dividing the county into two major patrol districts, north and south. Deputies basically live and work within their assigned patrol district.

1. Investigations – all major offenses are referred to the Investigator. These include, but are not limited to, homicide, child abuse, criminal sexual conduct, burglary, arson, and fraud cases.

2. Patrol and Crime Prevention – 16 deputies and two sergeants answer complaints and patrol Hubbard County on a rotating schedule. The Sheriff’s Office also has one drug task force officer.

3. Narcotics – the office has one officer assigned full time as drug task officer for Hubbard County. This specialized drug task force investigates illegal drug activities within the member counties of northern Minnesota.

4. Civil Process -- provides the service of all legal process (papers) received from the court and private attorneys.

5. Boat & Water Safety – inspects boats of area resorts for current registration and safety violations, patrols area lakes during the summer months, issues swim raft permits for special events held on area lakes and heads up all search and rescue operations on the lakes, such as drowning.

6. K-9 Unit –  the office has one K-9, Oakley, who assists officers with searches for drugs, evidence, missing persons and suspects. His handler is Sergeant Dan Kruchowski. Oakley came to the Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office from Czechoslovakia.

7. Snowmobile Safety Program – provided during winter months with assistance from DNR Snowmobile Safety Grant.

8. Community Policing – School Resource Officer, Drug Education Programs,  Explorers program, Community Crime Watch.

9. Hubbard County Posse – a volunteer unit which provides the department with assistance in search and rescue operations.

Cory Aukes


Scott Parks
Chief Deputy


Alex Anderson
Deputy Sheriff

Angel Wolf
Deputy Sheriff

Jim Card
Deputy Sheriff

Matt Stein
Deputy Sheriff

Ryan Newhouse
Deputy Sheriff

Nate Stein
Deputy Sheriff
Badge: 5104

Dan Kruchowski
Sergeant/K-9 Officer
Badge: 5105

Craig Kritzeck
Deputy Sheriff
Badge: 5107

Eric Rykema
Deputy Sheriff
ERU Team
Badge: 5108

Bill Schlag

Troy Christenson
Deputy Sheriff
Firearms Instructor
ERU Team

Chad Olson
ERU Team
Badge: 5111

Adam Williams
Deputy Sheriff

Josh Oswald
Deputy Sheriff/Nevis
Badge: 5113

Jarod Andersen
Deputy Sheriff
ATV Officer
Badge: 5114

Jeff Stacey
Badge: 5115

Brian Halbasch
Deputy Sheriff
Emergency Manager
ERU Team

Mike Mercil
PT Deputy

Greg Swanstrom
PT Deputy/Bailiff
Badge: 5121

John Sieling
PT Deputy/Bailiff
Badge: 5126

Jeff Grabowski
PT Deputy/Boat & Water
Badge: 5127

Austin Rittgers
PT Deputy
Badge: 5130

Stuemke, Julianne

Bruns, Margaret


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