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Natural Resource Management


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Trail Designation in State Forests
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2017 Timber Auction Schedule

January 9th
April 10th
July 10th
October 9th

Public Works Building
101 Crocus Hill Street
Park Rapids, MN 56470



January 9, 2017 Timber Appraisals

January 9, 2017 Timber Auction Results

    The mission of the department is the wise stewardship of all County Lands based upon sound multiple-use resource management practices and policies with implementation of said practices and policies charged to the Land commissioner under the direction of the County Board. The department manages about 137,500 acres of tax-forfeited land in Hubbard County, of which about 128,000 acres are commercial forestland.

    Some of the major activities include: Timber sales, Land sales, Land exchanges, Leases, Timber improvement projects, Public accesses, Parks and Noxious weed control.

Timber sales

    We usually have three (3) “intermediate” timber auction sales per year. Bidding on intermediate timber auctions is limited to individuals or companies with twenty (20) or fewer employees.

Tax-forfeited Land Sale

    Our Natural Resource Management Department manages approximately 137,500 acres of tax-forfeited land. The great majority of this land has been classified “retain” for Multiple use management, including timber, wildlife & recreation. We do not offer larger parcels, such as, forty-acre tracts, but retains them for management. The number of tax forfeitures in the past few years has decreased to approximately 1-4 small parcels per year. These are usually undesirable small city or rural lots.

    We usually have one tax forfeit land sale each year and it is in the fall. It is usually held at 10:00 A.M. at the Courthouse.

    On all parcels of land upon which there is standing timber or timber products, the timber shall be sold for cash.



Mark "Chip" Lohmeier

Land Commissioner
Public Works Building
101 Crocus Hill Street
Park Rapids, MN 56470


Mark Juberian
Natural Resource Manager

Allen Lysdahl
Natural Resource Manager

Aaron Funk
Natural Resource Manager

Greg Hensel
Parks & Rec. Supervisor Ag Inspector

Donna Carter
Administrative Assistant

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