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 Personnel Policy



Section 1

Table of Contents


Section 2

Introduction, Scope, Expected Behavior, Policy Responsibility, & Terminology


Employment Related

Section 3

Employment, Temporary/On-Call Position Policy


Section 4

Probationary Period


Section 5

Salary Administration for Lane Increases & Longevity Pay


Section 6

Position Descriptions & Point Reviews


Section 7

Employee Personnel Records


Section 8



Section 9

Hours of Work & Attendance


Section 10



Section 11

Severance of Employment



Section 12

Paid Time Off (PTO)


Section 13



Section 14

Vacation,Sick & Personal Leave


Section 15

Leaves of Absence with and/or without Pay


Section 16

Health Insurance


Section 17

Expense Reimbursement/Meal Allowance


Behavioral & Conduct Policies

Section 18



Section 19



Section 20

Policy Against Offensive Conduct, Harassment & Violence


Section 21

Conflicts of Interest


Section 22

Substance Abuse Policy


Section 23

Inclement Weather Policy


Section 24

Collective Bargaining Principles


Section 25

Safety Eyeglass Policy


Section 26

Firearms Policy


Section 27

Electronic Mail & Internet Access Acceptable Use Policy


Section 28

Lobbying & Intergovernmental Relations Policy


SECTION 29 Nursing Mothers Policy  

Addendum I

Relationships & Degrees of Kindred


Addendum II

Tenneson Warning for Employees


Addendum III

Code of Ethics & Implementation Guidelines


Addendum IV

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Policy


Addendum V

Exempt Employee Charts per FLSA


Addendum VI

Hubbard County Reimbursement Schedule


Addendum VII

Hubbard County Cafeteria Contribution


Addendum VIII Severance Reserve Establishment  
Wellness Pilot Wellness Pilot Program  


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